Ecovyst Announces Winners of its 2023 Sustainability Leadership Awards

MALVERN, Pa., April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Ecovyst Inc. (NYSE: ECVT) ("Ecovyst" or the "Company"), a leading integrated and innovative global provider of advanced materials, specialty catalysts and services, today announced that it has recognized three outstanding teams with the Company's 2023 Sustainability Leadership Awards.

The award winners, which were selected by Chief Executive Officer Kurt J. Bitting and members of the executive management team, are the Ecoservices Hammond, Indiana site for the most impactful Climate Change Reduction Project, the Conshohocken, Pennsylvania Zeolyst International team for the Best New Sustainable Product and/or Process, and the Ecoservices Martinez, California site for the Most Impactful Social Contribution, during 2023.

"We are proud of all the sustainability efforts undertaken by our Advanced Materials & Catalysts and Ecoservices business units throughout 2023, some of which were highlighted in seventeen applications received and reviewed for these awards," said Mr. Bitting. "As part of our sustainability focus, this is the second year that Ecovyst has conducted the Sustainability Leadership Award program to recognize Ecovyst sites, work teams, or individual employees that demonstrate meaningful sustainability improvements in the areas of climate change reduction, product/process innovation, and social engagement."

To qualify for the awards, detailed applications were submitted describing particular projects and the resulting sustainability improvements. From the many impressive projects, the following projects or teams were selected as the 2023 Sustainability Award Recipients:

Ecovyst Environmental Initiative Award for the Most Impactful Climate Change Reduction Project – The Ecoservices Hammond site for reducing water and chemical solution consumption through its demineralization project and management system improvements for resin regeneration. In 2023, approximately 4,530,000 gallons of water (which roughly equates to the annual water usage of over 40 American homes), 101 tons of 93% acid, 95 tons of 50% NaOH caustic solution, and 60 dry tons of Mg(OH)2 were conserved during regeneration cycles, and the resultant, less frequent resin replacements yielded approximately 1,350 gallons of waste minimization in 2023.

Ecovyst Sustainable Innovation Award for the Best New Sustainable Product and/or Process – The Conshohocken Zeolyst International team for developing an innovative product for use in Renewable Diesel (RD) and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production to meet the growing demand for reducing transportation carbon footprints. The carbon footprint of RD and SAF from waste cooking oil is more than 80% lower than when produced from crude oil. Biomass conversion to ethanol and then to jet fuel can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60-80% compared with petroleum-based fuels. RD and SAF are produced from renewable sources such as plant-based oils, animal fat, waste cooking oil, or biomass. RD and SAF production units have been built globally, and a significant new demand for zeolite catalysts has emerged. The Conshohocken Zeolyst team plays a key role in meeting this worldwide demand.

Ecovyst Community Impact Award for the Most Impactful Social Contribution – The Ecoservices Martinez site for leveraging community engagement with an emphasis on participation and relationship building through the Community Advisory Panel (CAP) founded in 1992. The Site also maintained exceptional community relationships with various other industry coalitions, community-based organizations, and charitable organizations, including the Martinez Community Foundation and Chamber of Commerce. Specifically, the Martinez site participated in numerous community events, including the 5K Run for Education and Cars 4 Community, and supported various youth initiatives, including the Yacht Club Sea Scouts and local sports programs. Significant contributions were made over 2023 to health and safety, economic development, and sustainable growth in the Martinez area. As reinforced by testimonials from community leaders, government officials, local businesses, and neighboring citizens, the Site's continuous collaboration with the CAP and other organizations has created lasting social impact and positive change by making the community more inclusive, safer, and more resilient.

We congratulate these award recipients for their leadership in supporting our sustainability goals and proudly thank all our applicants and employees who demonstrate their commitment to sustainability on a daily basis.

About Ecovyst Inc.

Ecovyst Inc. and subsidiaries is a leading integrated and innovative global provider of advanced materials, specialty catalysts and services. We support customers globally through our strategically located network of manufacturing facilities. We believe that our products and our services contribute to improving the sustainability of the environment.

We have two uniquely positioned specialty businesses: Ecoservices provides sulfuric acid recycling to the North American refining industry for the production of alkylate and provides high quality and high strength virgin sulfuric acid for industrial and mining applications. Ecoservices also provides chemical waste handling and treatment services, as well as ex-situ catalyst activation services for the refining and petrochemical industry. Advanced Materials & Catalysts provides finished silica catalysts, catalyst supports and functionalized silicas necessary to produce high performing plastics and to enable sustainable chemistry, and through its Zeolyst Joint Venture, innovates and supplies specialty zeolites used in catalysts that support the production of sustainable fuels, remove nitrogen oxides from diesel engine emissions, and that are broadly applied in refining and petrochemical processes.

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